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Told You lyrics

by xDisciplex A.D.

I've seen it rise I've seen it fall it comes crashing down around your world and everything you love you hold above your cars your money your possessions now it's all plain as day and I won't say I told you so but don't say I didn't warn you and tell you to let go this is my goal to let you know and I won't say I told you so because in the end when you lose it all when crying out who will you call on deny all control and crawl out of that hole that you dig for yourself by yourself the goal you have you can't deny to get the biggest piece of the pie but what happened to friendship and love you looked everywhere but never above but now today not tool late to change the cycle and change your fate but don't say i didn't warn you and tell you to let go the hole you dig is your own grave you lie down with your arms crossed the dirt to your lips I won't say I told you so.

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