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Chariot lyrics

by Various Artists

There will come a time when the
skies will open.There will come
a time when all men's hearts are
broken.The return of my King
drawas near.The footsteps of
His horses I can almost hear-
Pledge to follow HIm hereafter,
trade my sorrow for HIs laoughter
O my Lord don't be too
long.I'm waiting,watching and
I"m wondering will You carry
us right past the lightining and
the thundering In your chariot?
I'm wating watching and I'm
wondering will you carry us
to Your throne above in Your
chariot?There will come a time
wehne the blind will see.There
will come a time when the captives
are set free.And all the dead
in Christ will arise.My Lord and
Reedemer will descend from the
skies....Swing lo, sweet Chariot.
coming for to carry me home.
Carry me Home!...

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