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Tyrone Talks lyrics

by Tyrone Wells

I'd like to close out the set with this song
Because this song means the most to me
There are so many things an artist can chase
After and for me being a musician a Grammy
Or a gold record or something but ultimately
I think that that really satisfies us as human
Beings is relationship with one other with your
Loved ones, with your family and relationship with God
I think these are the only things that are eternal
And the rest of the things just fly away
So I'm about wanting to remember my music as
More than just me getting up here and playing and singing songs
I just want to encourage people to remember
What is important because there is so much in this?
World that we can chase after that is so unimportant
And so I just thank you guys for being here
This is my last song
If I can encourage you in anyway it's to
Remember what really is important and to
Love one other and God

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