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God's Blessing lyrics

by Trin-i-tee 5:7

And have you call me out my name
Don't take my heart
And tear it apart
For I am God's blessing
And I am your gift sent from above
I was made for you to love me
And I am here for you
(For you to love)
For you to love
And remember this, I am the same woman
You prayed for
I'll hold your hand
And make your life worthwhile
How can you hold me
Then abuse me boy
(How could you)
When I am the mother of your child
I'm standing here to give you what you need
(To give you what you need)
But if you can't love Him you can't love me
For you to love
For you to love
For you to love me
I am blessing
God's blessing
Let's stay in love
Let's pray together
Let's stay together
So we can stay together

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