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The Wonder Of It All lyrics

by Todd Agnew

Looking out the window at the clouds flying by
I wonder if You moved them with a thought
or with a breath
And as they pass, I see the beauty of the sky
and wonder how You decided to make it that blue
And once again I'm amazed

I see the miracle of a baby being born
And wonder how You gave us life
I see this young boy trying to grow into a man
And wonder how You let us live so long
And once again I'm amazed

I can see the majesty You have made
I gaze into the eyes of Your creatures
I can feel the wind You breath on my face
And I'm amazed at the wonder of it all

When beauty breaks forth from the shell of a worm
I wonder how You give it wings
When green leaves burst into the colors of a flame
I wonder why October is time for the display
And once again I'm amazed

I'm amazed, speechless, stand in awe, astounded
Can't believe, Jesus what You've done for me
© 2005 Integrity Music

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