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Always There lyrics

by Todd Agnew

I've been leaning on things I'm finding unstable
I've been standing on things that are unsure
I've been surrounding myself with things I'm finding
Unable to fill me, unable to still my trembling soul

But You're always there when I turn around
Even though I've been running for so long
You're always there when I cry out
Even when I've been silent for so long
You're always there when I need you
I need You

I've been reaching for things that are no good to me
I've been wrestling with things that are bringing me down
I've been losing sleep over things that really don't matter
I know You want better, but it's so hard to see Your side

Can You hear me, can You hear me calling
Cause it's been so long and I'm sorry
That it's been so long, so long
© 2005 Integrity Music

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