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Make Me A Believer lyrics

by Thousand Foot Krutch

Fill me in, turn me inside out
Sometimes I feel like just letting go and screaming out loud

Fill me up, sometimes it's so messed up
I feel like giving up but it's not far now

But it feels so far away
Can't you pull me up and

Make me a believer, let you down
For the first time come undone
If you let me, so don't put me down
And don't let this feeling slip away

Let me in, these walls are closing in
Sick of these holes I'm in
Struck outside and looking back in

Close me up, these hands have had enough
I feel like giving up, but it's not far now

Away, I'm sorry, I'm sorry
And tonight ignore me, ignore me
You know, I'm sorry, so sorry.
And I'm sorry

© 2005 Tooth & Nail Records

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