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Faith, Love And Happiness lyrics

by Thousand Foot Krutch

Everyone is up in my face
Need to get outta this place
It's hard to see with you in front of my face
Just another perfect day
Acting like they wanna talk to me
So fake, yet so friendly
My eyes can see even the back of me
Won't you just let me be

'Cause everyone is falling away
Feel like they're stolen from me
Wish everything didn't happen to me
All I want is faith, love and happiness
Everytime one runs away
Another one's returning
Wish everyone could just see you face
Faith, love and happiness

It seems everyone is up in my space
Like it's the American way
I run in case somebody takes my place
Just another change of pace
I know you think you know a lot about me
But so many wanna doubt me
My eyes can see even the back of me
Won't you just let me be


Every which way I turn
I've got the option of a million choices
Every single word I say
Is judged by a million critics
Every which way you turn
You've got the sound of a million voices
Every single move you make
Is torn by a million cynics
When will we all see the light of day?
I don't know

© 2003 Tooth & Nail Records

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