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Learning To Fall lyrics

by This Beautiful Republic

We all grew up in the church, knew the stories, knew the right things to say and how to say them. However, that has never been enough, and after walking away from God for a time; He still takes us back. Inspired by an events that renewed our realization that the more we disappoint, the more He seems to love.

I've heard it said a million times
That I should hold on tight to Jesus
But I took this road so far from home
And distance came between us

When I walked away, I knew one day
I'd need Your grace

So now You'll find me on my knees
‘Cause I know that I'm really not so strong
And now, I'm done fighting for control
Oh, You can have this life
That I've been holding for so long
I'm learning to fall
Let my world crumble

You ran so fast to rescue me
While I was barely breathing
You picked me up, You touched my face
And I began to see more clearly

Though I'm such a disgrace, You still forgave
Your love remains

Take me as an offering
I surrender everything
No more living without You
© 2008 Forefront

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