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This Song Was Meant For You lyrics

by Third Day

Where did I go wrong?
Tell me what I have done here
It didn't take too long
For the sun to disappear
And now it's gone and I'm alone

This song was meant for you
It had a happy ending
But you had to change your mind
And I don't know what happened
I Thought that you would never leave
Is a song forever
Life for you will surely change
Maybe for the better

None of this turned out
Quite the way I had planned it
But I know that in the end
It will work out for the best
Still you're gone
And I'm alone


You never know what the future holds for you
But of all I have heard this one thing's true
Nothing can separate us from God's love
In our lives there is bound to come some pain
Surely as there are storms and falling rain
Just believe that the one who holds the storms
Will bring the sun


© 1997 Reunion

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