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I'll Be Your Miracle lyrics

by Third Day

When youíre down and youíre falling fast,
And you feel like your hope wonít last
You know that Iíll be your miracle
When you find that your faith is gone
Youíre not sure if you can carry on
You know that Iíll be your miracle
Youíve been through more than anyone should
Can you find the good in such bad situation?
You never thought this could happen to you
Now you know the truth
You feel like your life is fading I hope you can remember
The life you had is going to change
But please donít be afraid it might be for the better
Iíll be the one thatís standing next to you
Iíll be the one thatís gonna help you make it through
When everybody else has gone
Iíll be the one thatís holing you

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