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How Do You Know? lyrics

by Third Day

I've got my doubts, and I've got my questions
It's nothing new, cause I've seen them before
I've had my share of false revelations
It always seems they're knockin' on my door

You said that I should see the light
But sometimes, faith is blind

How do you know, how do you know
What I'm supposed to be doing?
Why do you go, why do you go on
Thinking you know my fate?
So many times, I've lost my step but never lost my way
How do you know, how do you know
When I don't know myself?

You're thinking that you've got all the answers
You've got my situation figured out
But you're only seeing part of the picture
There's so much more that you don't know about

And here, you come to speak your mind
But I'll say one more time

© 2005 Essential

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