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Gone lyrics

by Third Day

Please forgive me, I donít mean to be rude but I gotta keep moving
I sure wish I could stay but I gotta keep doing
What Iíve been called to do and donít forget me long after Iím gone
And Iím just a memory I hope you can recall
What I was saying was nothing but the truth - well, Iím gone
It was nice to meet you but Iím gone
Iím sure gonna miss you but Iíve got to keep moving on
I canít stay in one place too long
Say a prayer for me Iím gone
Thank you so much, youíve been so kind
And I canít say enough of all the places Iíve been
This is one that I just donít want to leave
Gone like the wind and Iím not sure when Iím coming back, will you want more
God only knows where I am going and just what tomorrow brings

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