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Thank You Jesus lyrics

by Terry Clark

When I think about and remember how
There was no way out and You rescued me
There's no reason why
You loved me then and You love me now
Least, no reason I can see

You had always been my closest friend
Even though I'd never defended that
I was so far away
As far as ever I could stray
But You were there to bring me back

Thank You Jesus
For the grace that You have given us
We could never repay
But from my heart I'd like to say
That I thank You

There's so much to learn about how to turn
All Your words of life that burn in me
Into a living fountain
Flowing deep and flowing clean
So that all can come and drink

But I know you're right there
Willing to prepare
This open heart of mine to carry on
To the place where I can be
Your servant, be Your friend
One that You can depend on

© 1999 Diamante--DNA--

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