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This Love (Ephesians 4:18) lyrics

by Sweet Imperfection

I'll like to ask, for more of you.
Cause everything I have, is nothing compared to,
Just a moment spent with you my Lord.
I pray desperately
Spirit rain down, on my thirsty soul,
I'm throwing my life upon, all that you say you are.
Spirit rain down, let me know,
How wide and long, how high and deep is the love of God.
Remind me of your mercy and grace,
You know I'm holding onto a thread of faith.
I'm coming back with a faithless heart,
In hopes that you'll still be faithful to me.
How wide, how long, how high, and deep,
Is this love, and to know this love
Is all you need.

Send "This Love (Ephesians 4:18)"

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