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Let The Earth Resound lyrics

by Stuart Townend

Let the earth resound with songs of praise
To the Father's power and love;
For the One who set each star in place
Chose to set His heart on us.
To the One whose might gives victory,
Yet whose mercies never cease;
As the tapestry of history
Tells the story of His grace.

King immortal, Faithful God
Crowned with splendour, rich in love.
Let the heavens and the earth resound
With songs of praise to You.

Let the earth be stilled before the sight
Of a Father's sacrifice -
That revealed the depths of love divine
In the face of Jesus Christ.
Through a life of full obedience
And a death in agony,
He removed the rebel's punishment
And He set the prisoner free

Let the earth resound with songs of faith
At the wonder yet to come,
When all sin and pain are put to death
And the church and Christ are one.
When we stand as God's great family
And we meet the Father's gaze,
And we share in His eternal joy
As we join in ceaseless praise.

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