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We Bleed lyrics

by Stretch Arm Strong

Fear has taken over, transformed your eyes forced fed evil doctrine.
The masses have been hypnotized.
Lines have been drawn, sides have been taken.
Will we ever understand the mistakes that we're making?
Open up and free your mind.
You never know what you might find.
You and me we're made of blood.
Color is the only difference.
Race, Religion, sex, and creed,
we're all the same when we bleed.
Race, Religion, sex, and creed we're all the same.
I want to open your veins to see if your blood is real.
Push back history.
Forget the lies they taught.
Make a plan for tomorrow.
End this suffering and sorrow.
Accept the risk, endure the storm,
take a chance while it's yours to watch the kids walk hand in hand
despite the color of their skin.
Right Now!
More than Ever!
We've got to stand together!
Push back insecurity!
Make a stand for equality now!
We've got to make a stand right now!

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