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More to This Life lyrics

by Story Side B

Round and round this world we go
Forming truths from what we know
It could never be foretold
What will happen tomorrow
Things we see right now will change
Our lives will never be the same
Praying hallowed be thy name
And I am lifted from my shame
And I know this will not be in vain

A moment in time has passed before my eyes
There's more to this life, there's more to this life
I'm struggling to fight the reasons we cry
There's more to this life, there's more to this life

Time will tell as hours go
The truth inside will soon unfold
Revealing secrets as we grow
Into a brand new tomorrow
The plan is already in place
Transcending love through time and space
Strong and humbled by His grace
Catching tear drops from my face
And I know I will not be ashamed


And if it's peace you seek
Let me wash away the blood that's drawn
And soak up all the tears upon my sleeve
And if you'll kneel with me
Well I will pray for our forgiveness
To the only One who'll truly make us clean


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