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Miracle lyrics

by Story Side B

I bide me time, with my guitar
Writing songs alone in the dark
I put our picture on the shelf
Another story book end
Then, you gave me life

A reason to fight
Against the undertow we face the night
My God I need you by my side
All my secrets, trust in you

A miracle is in my hand
I hope I don't throw it away again
A miracle that won't come again, again, again

So I offer to you, these chains I wear
I reach my hands up in the air
Surrender my hope, my love, my dreams to you
All my secrets, trust in you


I'm burning from the outside
I'm yearning* on the inside
Please don't let me lose sight
I pray to you


All I have to give
Is all I live
This I give, to you

*I their lyric booklet, it says "yearning" here, but it sounds very much like "screaming".

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