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Six And One lyrics

by Still Remains

I recall the words from your lips,
your foot against my back,
the stairs against my chest,
I remember your footsteps behind me,
and the rest I've forgotten,
60 seconds to die,
60 seconds to say my last goodbye,
there's a time for remorse,
there's a time for dying,
you have no control,
this is my time to live,
1000 corners have carressed these tears,
1000 tears have comforted these cheeks,
even under your words I've said nothing,
I've laced my lips with wire to keep the words from your ears,
so that the words I bleed are unheard,
and that the I speak is unnattainable,
let's sit down and talk about you and I,
you were a child and I was one also,
but when it comes down to discussing the times I've got,
there's only one thing on my mind,
60 seconds to die,
60 seconds to say my last goodbye
© 2004 Benchmark (Soh)

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