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Should I Tell Them? lyrics

by Shaun Groves

Walking with You is not without hazards
Tripping's this traveler's curse
The price paid for falling is more than my stumble
In a world that is watching and waiting for worst

But I listened when you said to go
And I set out in spite of my fears
I brought truth mixed with my imperfections
And the question of what to say when I got here
And now that I'm here

Should I tell them that You are
The One who has made me
And saved me to set up a home there inside
Should I tell them that I am
A perfect example of all You can do with a life
What should I say to them, what if I'm failing them?
What should I tell them tonight?

Don't get me wrong
I'm thankful to be here
With this song to sing and a spotlight on me
But lately I'm wondering if You are mistaken
If You're seeing all of me there is to see

But on every face I detect
These same questions I've posed to you
Like do You speak through the imperfect
Or are we too dirty for Your light to get through
I want You're light to get through


'Cause they're thirsty but my cup is empty, Lord
Come and meet me here in this place
'Cause I'm unashamed, but I'm unprepared
And I'm just plain afraid

(chorus x2)
© 2001 Sony

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