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Hummingbird lyrics

by Shaun Groves

Feathered, tethered
Feels like all the world's a cage
Worked up, run down
In this race to earn a wage
Something " inside
Tells me I was made to
Split the sky
Tell me why I'm

Living like a hummingbird
(hungry for the blue)
Getting nowhere fast from all my work
(stuck inside this view)
If you've got one eye on the sparrow, Lord
(I'm standing still for you)
Could you spare one for the hummingbird

Dead lines, this grind
Got me beating gainst the wind
Want more from life
Than just spinning round and getting by
Not satisfied just

Repeat Chorus

Save me from this discontenting
Never ending, spirit bending
Pattern, I go round and round and
Round and round and round again
Yea I'm stuck inside this circle I just
Know there's better out there because
I can feel it in my wings, so I sing
© 2005 Rocketown Records

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