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Crave lyrics

by Shaun Groves

No magistrate can legislate
Peace and love and hope
No song can end or sermon mend
The fatal flaws in our souls
Pen and paper, Whitehouse won
Will never do what we need done


Can't give me
What I crave-
Can't give me
What I crave-
The end of tears and fears and war
Is what I'm craving in my core
Can't give me
What I crave
What I crave

No millions spent can pay the rent
And get us into kingdom come
No atom bomb could right the wrong
Inside the veins of everyone
All the glitter, tanks and guns
Will never do what we need done

Nothing here beneath the sun
Can make us holy make us one
Only Spirit, second birth
Can satisfy my constant thirst
To spill out heaven here on earth
© 2005 Rocketown Records

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