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Awaken lyrics

by Sarah Reeves

We who walk the broken ground
Who stand and who fall down again
Who just want to live
And we who wander in a dream
Who look but can’t see through the night
Sleeping in the light
We wait for you who spoke the morning

Open up the skies with thunder
Shake the world and all its wonders
Come, Jesus, come
Awake, awake; awaken us
Lift the dark clouds we’ve been under
Raise the sun above our slumber
Come, Jesus, come
Awake, awake; awaken us

God of life You do not sleep
You live and move and breathe with us
Let us see Your love
Brilliant as the risen sun
Lord rescue every one of us
Let Your kingdom come
For only You will break the darkness

[Repeat Chorus:]

Eyes will see Your power and glory
Knees will fall and we'll sing Holy
We’ll sing Holy

[Repeat Chorus:]

© 2009 Sparrow

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