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I Do lyrics

by Poor Rich Folk

- verse 1 -
Lord i feel like a fool. i tasted the fruit again.
It seems like Id realize, if it could open my eyes,
Then Id have seen way back when.

and i need to know why

- verse 2 -
i chase the wrong that i desire
and replace the death that i deserve
in a heart thats grown so cold, by a pride becoming so bold
And forget about everything Ive learned

And i need to know why

- chorus -
I do what i dont want. I do it and dont know why.
I do what i dont love. I do it and dont know why.

- verse 3 -
I dont really know how i can live
Between the things i do and say
Like how i beg for Your grace, stand up and spit in Your face,
Take up my mat and run away

And im dying to know why

- chorus -

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