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I Am A Man lyrics

by Poor Rich Folk

- verse 1 -
How could i fail to understand, You were not a "righteous man?
You were something different. Something more like I AM.
But i am so unworthy. So undeserving. Im just so dirty.
Still You came down for me.
You walked upon this dirty ground for me.
You wore thorns on Your brow for me.

- chorus -
what am I supposed to say, when i dont understand?
Your way is not my way
You are a God, and i am a man.

- verse 2 -
how could my pride make me forget, im not the One who was sent.
i am someone different. someone more like a man.
but You are, You are so holy, surrounded by glory. Youre just so worthy.
but still, i nail You down for me. i throw You on this dirty ground for me. i push thorns on Your brow for me.

- chorus -

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