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Fine lyrics

by Poor Rich Folk

- verse 1 -
Im beginning to see how you perceive me,
And i am the one who cant finish anything.
I guess thats just me. So what can i say?
I always up and leave when i dont want to stay.

- chorus -
And i know what you want for me.
But you dont see
You dont see what i see, looking through your eyes.
And you dont hear what i do in your mind.
And you need to realize what i just realizedthat i am doing fine.

- verse 2 -
I know what you mean. What you were trying to say.
But if its all the same, i dont want to hear it today.
I know you mean well. You just want whats best for me.
But consider if you will that i might know whats best for me.

- chorus -

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