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When Tomorrow Comes lyrics

by Pillar

The sunshine of a new day shines upon my face
I don't know where to begin, I don't know how it came to this
If things don't change, maybe I'll be the one that you can't find
I've tried so many times, tried to get it right
Just so our worlds won't collide like two stars in the sky
It's time we both decide to leave this all behind
When the sun goes down, the future's looking bright

When all is said and done and tomorrow has begun
Remember today is now yesterday
Can we find a way, find a way to let it go?
Just remember when, when tomorrow comes
Today is now yesterday
Can we let it go?

The sunshine of a new day shines upon my face
Reminding me of mistakes, memories I must erase
Here's one more chance for me to throw them all away
Today's a brand new start, we made this way too hard
We both need something like amnesia of the heart
We stand here face to face, see I won't look away
If You just hold my hand, we'll make it through the day

© 2006 Flicker Records

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