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Tragedy lyrics

by Pillar

I look around and see all of these different places
And I can't help but think of all these different faces
Have made the same mistake and got up and walked away
You'll never hear me say, It's time to walk away

Why am I so afraid when I've got nothing to fear?
How did it dissipate? How did it all disappear?
When I anticipate this time, I won't shed a tear
I let it resonate for everybody to hear

Somebody tell me how to save me from myself
Cause my worst enemy is staring back at me
Somebody tell me how to save me from myself
Cause everytime that I try, it's such a tragedy

If I'm the opposition, why can't I just back down?
So full of ammunition that tries to shoot me down
In all this repetition that's going round and round
Submit to my submission before I get shot down

Cause all I see is somebody else watching me
It's the enemy, and I know I can see the enemy

© 2006 Flicker Records

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