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The Reckoning lyrics

by Pillar

I'm an outlaw taking chances when there's nothing left to gain
I get caught seeking answers that only cause me pain
Can't let my eyes get branded, so I can find my way
I'll ride like a runaway bandit, cause I found that I'm to blame

Time keeps changing, but the story's the same
Why do we all keep looking for somebody to blame?
The score needs settled, but this isn't a game
So win, lose, or die
We ride
This is the reckoning

I'm a renegade livin'on the edge, and you're the one who lives afraid
I keep on turning the pages, you keep on running away
I'm a young gun shootin' to payback, here comes the ricochet
I see Wanted: dead or alive
On the page, I see my face

What good is the cure without the disease?

© 2006 Flicker Records

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