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Resolution lyrics

by Pillar

There's a whole world going on outside, but you've been stuck inside your mind
Do you let fear motivate you, or does it complicate you
Leaving you a step behind?

You're left with no one standing by your side
You try to justify your lies, it starts to agitate you
Don't let this aggravate you, there's no need to apologize

We all need resolution, you can find your way through
There's only one solution, you've gotta find what you're looking for

You've been hiding in that weak disguise, hoping no one sees your foolish eyes
Don't let that intimidate you, don't let it separate you from all the ones who question why

Just keep on reaching for the sky, and you'll find out it's not that high
When you let love elevate you, when you let it gravitate you
You're in for the ride of your life

Don't let the moment pass you, don't let the distractions bind you
Don't let questions stop you, don't let the answers miss you

© 2006 Flicker Records

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