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Rock The Show lyrics

by Paul Wright

the djs spinnin the people dancing
the rappers rappin the people clappin
i'm chillin in the back with a guitar on my lap
about to rock it like this rock it like that
uh 1-2 is this thing on
huh i think i like this song
ya know i might be wrong
but 20 million people are singing along
i represent folk meets hip-hop make it modern rock gonna make it sound hot
i get what i give so i give all i got and it takes a lot of people to take it to the top
if ya wanna join say i do (i do)
if ya wanna become part of the crew then all you gotta do is buy the cd
call a dj and say, please play
back in the day i had to represent
i praise you oh god cuz your gift is heaven-sent
ever since then i've always had the vision
to listen to your voice as i'm on this mission
coming equipped with mic grippin never trippin on myself
cuz it's he who lies in me and nobody else so
get it right on the mic make it dynamite
livin a day at a time with my rhymes signed paul wright
rock the show party people
turn up the radio
rock the show
let the groovy disco flow

© 2003 Gotee Records

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