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Crashing Down lyrics

by Paul Wright

you are someone even if nobody knows you
you are not a no one (no one)
you are why i'm here basking in your tears
don't you know that i love you
where you go from here is up to you (up to you)
which road will you choose
listen don't abuse your freedom
crashing down i am here to help you
crashing down yea i'll never leave or forsake you
(ohmega watts)
kneelin down i'm spreadin my wings and then i'll fly
yes indeed i'll keep my eyes up to the sky
looking down so so high
come crashing down and i don't know why
kneelin down spreadin my wings to the sky
looking down and my spirit is alive
keep my eyes on the most high
he lifts me up way up into the sky
(ohmega watts)
ohmega watts pon di mic right now,
born jamerican brooklyn mon,
a shatter shatter
pauly paul and mi, ohmega
meek di fake skatter skatter
hands up spirit of di most highs flying me up
the worlds spinnin round
i will never crash down
you were on my mind today that's where i felt you
and you're in my heart to stay forever
crashing down i was there to help you

© 2003 Gotee Records

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