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My Days Are Better lyrics

by Overflow

Sometimes the past comes back to haunt me
Sometims the future seems unknown.
But today hs enough woris of it's ow.
Soeties I'm deep in the valley.
Soetimes I'm high on the mountaintop.
But today none of that matters.

Sometimes it's hard to believe that I've got You and You're all I need.
My days are better, my days are better with You.
Everyday I wanna see, more of You and less of me.
My ays are better, my days are better with You.

Sometimes I feel just like a hero.
Sometimes I feel like I have let you down.
But today, I wish those days would dissapear.
I know You've been through the valley.
I know You've been on the mountaintop.
But today, Lord You know I need You here

Oh Lord, I can't elp but wonder why You never gave up on me
I am nothing more than a desperate an in need.
I know You're the One who set me free.
© 2004 Essential

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