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Just For Me lyrics

by Overflow

In the beginning there was just You.
You and only You.
Tell me, were You lonely?
I can't help but wonder is that why the ocean's blue?

You sai let there be light and the night became day.
You said let there be life and that's why I'm here to say (today)

When you hung the stars in the sky and you saw it wa goo.
Was it all just for me?
When you showed the sun where to rise and the night where to hide.
Was it all just for me?

In the beginning there was You and only You.
To create a world was something only You could do.
You know my name before You even made the moon.
Or the sky above.
I'm surrouned by your love.

After all that You have done there's no way I can deserve You
There's no way I can be the on to rig eme closer to You.
You could have called all the angels, but You chose to face that tree.
I can't believe You did it for ME!
© 2004 Essential

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