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Pass the Mic lyrics

by Off the Record

Sign the dotted line and suddenly no friend of mine anymore.
Now that you gotta contract. Now don't look back.
We're in the past. Go to the gold at the rainbow.
So you wanna be the next punk rock elite.
But know you one thing.
You broke your E string. So you see.
You'll just never be the punk rock star you desire to show me.
You're the king. You'll never be as big as you think you are.
You'll always be the greatest band of all time (look at you).
And now that you're the best... at least in the west.
We can all rest and enjoy that crest smile of yours and we'll say "He once knew our name."
You'll always go down in our hearts hall of fame.
But before we should go. You should know this.
You'll always be loved. But you'll never be missed.
So listen up close and just know one thing.
I'll never bow down and kiss that sorry ol' punk ring.

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