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When I Grow Up lyrics

by Nicole C Mullen

a little boy the age five
looked his papa in the eyes
and said i really need to talk with you
been thinkin bout alot of things
what it is i want to be
and superman im thinkin
just wont do.

when i grow up i want to be
when i grow up i want to be when i grow up i want to be
like you.

the score is 33 to 9
his high school team is way behind
he felt defeated till his papa came
remember if you win or lose
i'm always

gon be proud of you
you're my favorite champion of
the game.
(the boy said)


he came to the door to say goodnight
stopped at a familiar sight
papa was kneelin down to pray
"dear father god up above
thanks for showin me love"
then quietly he heard his papa say


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