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Merry Christmas, Baby lyrics

by Nicole C Mullen

Merry Christmas Baby; I wish that You were here.
I've been hoping, praying maybe I could give away my fear of being alone without You at home; how I miss You when we're apart.
But I'll treasure it all the grad and the small, sweet memories are gifts to the heart. So, merry Christmas Baby, merry Christmas baby, Merry Christmas with love.
Oooo, yeah.
Merry Christmas Baby many long to see this day.
Wish that I had more to give you then a stable and some hay.
One look in your eyes reassured me that I am right where you wanted me.
In the midst of this stall, the wonder of all is how grand something small can be.
So merry Christmas Baby, merry Christmas baby, yeah, merry Christmas baby
Merry Christmas with love…………love…………
Merry Christmas Baby; I'm so glad that You are here.
Is it true that I can give you all my hopes and all my fears, from being alone, to things I've done wrong, my tomorrows come what may?
You're the Lord of it all, the grand and the small, tiny wonder Ancient of Days.
So merry Christmas Baby, oh merry Christmas Baby, yeah…merry Christmas baby, merry Christmas with love………
Yeah…………..Merry Christmas baby.

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