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It's Me lyrics

by Nevertheless

Itís me running down your face
Itís me that you know you canít replace
With all that the world has for you
Or with all in the world that you canÖ

Take, take, you canít take it anymore
Tell me what youíre living for
Leave, leave, but when you come back home
Iíll be here

Itís me giving you your space
Itís me offering this grace
For the way that youíve wasted all I gave
And the way that you waste all that youÖ

Iíve been waiting for you
That someday you would come back home
Iíve been waiting for you
ĎCause you canít make it on your own
Iíve got a place prepared for you
You were lost, but now youíre found
Iíve got a place prepared for you

© 2006 Flicker Records

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