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Kick Yer Askin' For It lyrics

by Neon Horse

(Whatchoo lookin at?!?!)
(Keep your tongue behind your teeth, man...)

The loosest of cannons.
The loosest of screws.
Monkey in the wrench, baby.
I love what I do.

It's the end of the world.
So beautiful and so pure.
Keep your diamonds and gold.
We'll watch it all unfold and come undone.

(Open up on you like a flower)
(I can go all day!)

I'm the horn - not the bull, see?
I'm the ache in the tooth.
Pain in your assssssskin' for it!
Not a thing you can do.

(Ugly as a mud fence)
(Whatchoo lookin at?!?!)
(A face no mother could love!)
© 2007 Tooth & Nail Records

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