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Circle the Sky lyrics

by Mychildren Mybride

You made this bed with idle hands,
tired hearts, and unwoken souls, our
death is out new breath
my coma is my life

Sleep on, dream on
Circle the sky

I know you're better than this
You're not the same as you were before,
You've changed you're not the same

You're not the same as you were last night
You've changed, you're not the same
The I Love You's and goodbye huges, right out
the door

I can't believe you did this to me
I can't believe it happened again
And I'll pass 10,000 just to be with you
And I'll pass 10,000 more for you by my side
With you by my side, how can you fail
With me by your side, how can you die
A murder, a modern day suicide

Circle the sky

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