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Boris the Blade lyrics

by Mychildren Mybride

Listen to me, im talking to you

be your own friend, and fight for yourself
no one has your back, youre helpless

who is willing to stand up for what they believe in? nobody
they fold and crumble under fear, and anything else that challenges them,

Rise,and change my friend
this isnt what it seems
reality already passed me by
im living in nothing but dreams
and failing at reaching the sky

i know you're over there just waiting for me to make the move,
stand up, stand your solid ground, you're not alone
i know you're over there just waiting for me to make the move

fight hard for all you have,
believe me its worth the effort
whats weighing you down?

do anything. get it out

open up this heart im living for, inside of this life im fighting for

guard your heart and everything close to it

Rise up and change my friend
fix the henderence,bear witnes to you're doom
i know you're standing over there, waiting for me to make the move,


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