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Miracle lyrics

by Luminate

So find me as I am
Oh, I can barely stand
But lifting up my hands
To You, my God
Iím reaching for Your love
Ashamed of what Iíve done
So King of Mercy, come
Wonít You find me as I am?

Iím waiting on a miracle
Yes, Iím praying for Your Spirit, come
Oh, (God) Iím waiting on a miracle
And Youíre the One
Youíre the One

Healer of my wounds
All is made in You
Abandoned to Your praise
Now Youíre my God

Just a glimpse, just a taste
And Iíll never be the same
As Iím reaching out
Oh, Iím reaching out
No darkness, no shame
Youíre the light, Youíre the day
God, Iím reaching out
Oh, Iím reaching out
Reaching out now

ĎCause Iím waiting
Oh, Iím praying, Spirit, come
Oh, Iím waiting, waiting for You

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