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Innocent lyrics

by Luminate

What if you would've never sent your son
What if you held back your love
It would be so different there would be no hope for us
But that's not the way it all went down
We're covered by mercy now
Could've found us guilty but you chose to save us

We are, we are, we are innocent
We are,we are blameless
Cause you take all the same
And you wash it away
Til we are, we innocent (innocent)
You make us, You make us, You make us innocent
You make us, you make us, you make us innocent
(We are innocent)

So we can finally rest tonight
We can finally say goodbye
To the past that held us
To the fear that ruled our lives
I know we're gonna fall sometimes
Nobody's got a perfect life
Could've found us guilty but you chose to save us
We are dancing cause we know we're yours
You are, oh, you're what we're living for
We were lost, oh yeah, but now we're coming home

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