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That's Why I'm Here lyrics

by Lenny Leblanc

I didn't come here to sing about the devil
I came to praise the name of the Lord
I'm here to tell you once I was a rebel
I've been delivered by the power of His Word

That's why I'm here
To lift up His Name
Tell the whole world
I'm the reason He came
That's why I'm here
To glorify Him
He's the only One
Who deserves my praise
Gonna live for Him
All the rest of my days
That's why I'm here
That's why I'm here

I didn't come here to talk about my brother
I came to hear about the blood of the Lamb
I wanna stand up and worship my Savior
Shout Hallelujah and say amen

To sing worthy is the Lord
Who is my rock
Jesus the only Son of God

© 1999 Hosanna

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