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I Think Of You lyrics

by Laura Story

Verse 1:

When I think of sunlight piercing through the clouds to paint the perfect sky, I think of the silver lining of Your love, and I think of You.

Verse 2:

When I think of streams that weave through desert lands as beauty comes alive, I think of the healing fountain of Your grace in my life, in my life.


And I think of You who shines with endless light through broken jars of clay. And I think of You redeeming every part of each day that You’ve made. And I think of You.

Verse 3

When I think of children laughing, full of wonder, and families reconciled, I think of the joy that’s found in answered prayer, and it makes me smile, makes me smile!


And I think of You, for redemption’s now the story of my soul.

Chorus 2:

’Cause it was You who paid the highest price for broken jars of clay. And you still choose to use my life for Your glory displayed.

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