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Glowing lyrics

by Kristian Stanfill

Out in the darkness with a heart of stone
I was a rebel with a wandering soul
Restless and tired of my broken life
I prayed that You would hear my desperate cry

Then shining brighter than the midday sun Breaking the darkness like a bright new dawn
Came One more beautiful than I had seen and
Jesus came and set this prisoner free

I will never forget the way
You ran to me when I was far away
And You threw Your arms around me
I will never forget that day
You looked at me and then You called my name
And You pulled me from the darkness
Now I'm glowing

You took my searching hand and led me home Gathered my broken life and made me whole
I'm resting peaceful in Your sweet embrace
My grateful heart will never cease to praise You

Now I will stand and tell the world about
The way You took my hand the way
You pulled me out
My sin was overcome by sinless blood
my freedom won
I'll sing this song


With a light inside come down from heaven
You touched this heart of stone and now I'm
Let the whole world see Your Spirit in me
Burns so bright


Let all the world see
Your light glowing in me!

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