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Charity lyrics

by Kelly Willard

Although I speak with tongues
Of men and of angels
And though I prophesy
And understand all
Although I have all faith
So mountains may be removed
And though I feed the poor
And give up my life
If I have not Charity
If Love does not flow from me
I am nothing
Jesus reduce me to Love
Jesus reduce me to Love
Love is patient and kind
Love is not envious
Not proud, but gentle and meek
Seeks not it’s own way
Love sings when Jesus prevails
Believes and endures all things
Love hopes and bears every wrong
And Love never fails
One season I was a child
I spoke and I thought as a child
But when I turned into a man
Such ways put aside
Though now we see through a glass
But then we shall see face to face
Though now abide faith and hope
The greatest is Love

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