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Cost Of Being Free lyrics

by Joy Whitlock

(Verse 1)
Heloo friends
Whatcha think of me now
I've done up and changed
Done a complete turn around
I sold my wheels
For a set of wings
But that's alright
'Cause I'm through collecting things

(Chorus 1)
I wanna fly
I wanna spread my wings
Never wanna come down
In spite of me
I may fall
But it won't be long
'Til He rescues me
That's the cost of being free
I felt I'd become
So jaded
Forgotten just what I'd done
This big ol' mess that I created
I sold my soul
For a matter of minutes
Now what have I got to show
I'm left empty-handed
If the rain falls down
And covers me
I will not be found
Walking around on these two feet
If I should drown
He'll split the sea
You won't find me
How I long to
Oh I'd love to
How I want to
I just want to fly

© 2005 Ardent Records

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