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Determined featuring Harvey Watkins lyrics

by John P. Kee


Verse 1
Iíve had some trials in this life of mine
But I never been, never been forsaken.
I had troubles many, many, many times
But I thank God today my faith has never been shaken

(Ooo) Out of all my tears that I shed
I never seen the righteous forsaken nor his seed begging bread

Determined I am gonna make it
Determined I am gonna make it
Determined I am gonna make it
Make it all the way, all the way

Verse 2
Now there was a woman she had a issue of blood
After spending all her money she felt that her fate was sealed
She knew if she touched the hem of his garment, that ole issue of blood,
Her body would be healed

(Ooo) So out of everything that you go through
Donít you give up no (donít you give in) just go with Jesus Heíll always be there

Chorus (2xís)

Vamp 1
Iím gonna make it with Jesus (6xs)

Iím gonna make it
Iím gonna make it with him

Iím gonna make it with Jesus


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